I’m Tyler Fund Spreads Message of Ability Awareness

Tyler Greene was known as a friend to all around Waterloo and was notorious for his outgoing, warm demeanor. Tyler was born with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, which he fully embraced. He spent his life sharing the message of Ability Awareness – that what someone can do is much more important than what they cannot do – around the world. He spent his life advocating for anyone marginalized by our world today including those with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA community, and racial minorities.

Sadly, Tyler passed away in 2021 at the age of 31 after being struck by a car while out in his wheelchair. Tyler’s loss was felt in our community and around the world because of the many lives he touched with his message of kindness, love, and acceptance of all.

To honor Tyler’s legacy and continue his advocacy work, his parents, Paul and Gina Greene, are creating impact through a variety of ways at the Waterloo Community Foundation. In 2021, they established a Donor Advised Fund to benefit organizations and programs that promote Ability Awareness and inclusion and a Scholarship Fund that annually awards a student who demonstrates an understanding of Ability Awareness and inclusion. Most recently, they opened a Special Project Fund called “I’m Tyler”. The fund will allow them to bring in speakers, host or sponsor events that support the message of inclusion or ability awareness, and support Tyler’s website, ImTyler.org.

Tyler developed ImTyler.org over fifteen years ago as a place to order his DVD “I’m Tyler…don’t be surprised”, coordinate presentations and trainings, and communicate with others. The Greene’s desire for Tyler’s work and message of “Inclusion for Everyone” to continue without his physical presence and believe the website will help fulfill that mission. With the financial support of the I’m Tyler Fund, they have been able to transform the website into an Inclusion resource for educators, organizations, individuals, and anyone wanting to learn more about Tyler’s life and work.

The updated website will allow users to:

  • View and/or download Tyler’s video “I’m Tyler … don’t be surprised”
  • View online classes related to Inclusion and receive certification for completion
  • Learn more about Tyler’s message through media coverage, awards, community activity
  • Learn about the financial support available through the Tyler Greene Fund, Tyler Greene Scholarships, and I’m Tyler Special Project Fund
  • Contact us for more information, to submit an Inclusion story, or provide feedback
  • Make a donation to the Tyler Greene Fund to support his ongoing work

The website, and many caring people, will help keep Tyler’s message of “Inclusion for Everyone” alive and well for perpetuity through the financial support of the I’m Tyler Fund.

Way to go, Tyler!