Every investment in our community makes a lasting impact, not only today but for generations to come.

There are many ways to make a lasting difference in Waterloo through the Waterloo Community Foundation. We are eager to listen and help you set up a fund according to your own unique and creative interests.

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Whether you are ready to open a fund or are just starting to explore your options, we want to get to know you!


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Fund Types

Community Fund

Community funds make it possible for us to provide grant funding to organizations meeting the current needs in the community.

Donor Advised Fund

This flexible and personal approach to giving allows you to participate in the fund’s use and support the causes you care about by recommending grants to your favorite nonprofits.

Agency Endowment

An opportunity for nonprofit organizations to establish a permanent source of support for today and tomorrow.

Designated Fund

Ensure future support to a specific organization you care about and invest in its continued success.

Scholarship Fund

Provide benefits to students pursuing their dreams and creating the future for Waterloo.

Field of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Funds are an opportunity to target a cause or issue without having to name a specific non-profit. You decide the purpose of the Fund and we will identify projects and organizations within your areas of interest.

Special Project Fund

Groups or projects who do not have nonprofit status can partner with us to accept tax-deductible contributions from donors.

Endow Iowa State Tax Credit

When you make a gift to one of our permanently endowed funds, it will cost you far less thanks to Iowa’s innovative Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit!

Ways To Give

Establishing a planned gift through the Waterloo Community Foundation is one of the easiest ways you can invest in the city we love. We often only think of cash gifts when offering charitable support, but there are many ways to maximize giving using your currently held assets. We are here to work alongside you to leave your legacy in strategic ways. Contact Erin Tink, Executive Director, at erin.tink@wloocommunityfoundation.org to learn more.

Estate Plan

You can include language in your will or trust designating a gift to the Waterloo Community Foundation as part of your estate plan.

Retirement Accounts

Donating a percentage of your unused retirement assets, such as your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension, or other tax-deferred plans is an excellent way to make a gift to the Waterloo Community Foundation.

Appreciated Stock

Your gift of stock can be reinvested in the community and qualifies for an immediate tax deduction based on the fair market value.