Holden Family Fund Meets Changing Needs in Waterloo

Sam and Janet (Rohlf) Holden have deep roots in Waterloo. Both the Holden and Rohlf families have been in the community for generations and the pair originally met as students at Kingsley Elementary. Their parents set strong examples of community service that continue to inspire Sam and Janet.

After living in Manchester for 32 years, Sam and Janet returned to Waterloo in 2015. Janet says, “After being gone so long, we did not know all the organizations working in the community anymore. As we reconnected with Waterloo, we started learning about the new projects taking place”.

Sam and Janet established the Holden Family Fund to make a deeper impact with their generosity in the community. Their Donor Advised Fund allows them to give to the causes they care about and respond to the changing needs in Waterloo. 

“The great thing about a Donor Advised Fund is that the Waterloo Community Foundation has a pulse on the most current needs. We can learn about programs that align with our interests and the Foundation provides guidance in how we can give from our Fund to meet the city’s needs as they change”, says Sam.

The Holdens also appreciate that working with the Waterloo Community Foundation helps them learn about local projects and organizations with which they we not familiar. Sam continued, “I have learned about small, low-budget organizations that are really making a difference. It’s been fun for both of us to see all these things that we didn’t know about and the good job they’re doing”.

Through the Holden Family Fund, Sam and Janet are building on their families’ legacies of generosity in Waterloo forever, while staying in touch with the ever-changing needs of our community.

There are many ways to make a lasting difference in Waterloo and we love helping you find your unique role in making our city the best it can be! Learn more about how you can invest in Waterloo’s most current needs and opportunities at wloocommunityfoundation.org.

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