Local EAA Chapter Establishes Scholarship for Young Pilots

The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 227 has established a scholarship for aspiring pilots pursuing their private pilot’s license. The EAA 227 Young Pilot’s Scholarship will award $1,000 to eligible candidates enrolled in an accredited pilot training program at the Waterloo Airport, Independence Airport, Oelwein Airport, or Waverly Airport. Up to five awards can be offered in a calendar year. The scholarship is being administered by the Waterloo Community Foundation.

The scholarship was set up in response to the current national pilot shortage. Paul Wallace, the Chapter’s current President, said “We hope this $1,000 scholarship will both incentivize and assist our local youth who want to achieve their dreams of becoming professional pilots”.

The EAA Chapter 227 includes members from the communities surrounding the airports in Waterloo, Independence, Oelwein, and Waverly. Members include aviation enthusiasts, builders, and pilots who get together to exchange ideas and serve the local aviation community. They administer multiple programs, including Technical Counselors, Flight Advisor, and the Young Eagles program that introduces kids to the world of aviation with free plane rides. Young Eagles is the only program of its kind and has flown over 2 million kids.

For more information about The EAA 227 Young Pilot’s Scholarship and other scholarship opportunities available through the Waterloo Community Foundation, visit www.wloocommunityfoundation.org/scholarships.

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