Fueling Potential with a Donor Advised Fund

Chuck and Alice Shirey’s relationship with the Waterloo Community Foundation began with a deep-rooted desire to invest in the potential of young people in their hometown. Both native to Waterloo, they grew up in families that valued community involvement and they committed to raising their family in Waterloo too.

Chuck and Alice enjoyed and appreciated the educational opportunities provided for their children through Waterloo Schools. Although each of their children has been able to pursue their desired educational and professional paths, they recognized that the barriers to pursuing secondary education or employment opportunities are often too high for other students. “We have a passion for young people of great potential in the Waterloo Schools who may not have the necessary resources to reach the next level they are capable of in the educational journey,” says Alice. The Shireys have personally partnered with several high-achieving students to provide mentorship and resources that can help them launch to the next step.

This passion led Chuck and Alice to establish a Donor Advised Fund that supports organizations and programs helping minority youth achieve academic success, prepare for post-secondary education, or pursue employment.

Chuck and Alice share an unwavering commitment to their community. Alice says, “We believe in Waterloo. We believe so much in its beautiful diversity and potential. Any way we can funnel our resources into the community – the community that educated us, that educated our children, the community that we love whose educational system we believe in – that is our priority.”

Learn more about the benefits of establishing a Donor Advised Fund here.

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